«Our traders have got through a long way from beginners to professionals»

DDI opens an opportunity for everyone who wants to start the career of an intraday trader and provides all necessary for this. The extensive experience of the founders of the company allows everyone to acquire relevant knowledge for successful work at the stock.

In the learning process, you can test your ideas, hone and develop skills you need. Upon completion of the training, you will be provided with a real trading account for management, and our company will provide you with up-to-date software and capital to your trading account. The size of the provided capital is designated at the end of the training. You trade our money, and we render you a percentage of the profits.

Working with DDI you get:

  • Professional risk and money management.

  • Experience of working prop-traders.

  • Communication with prop-traders and a team of like-minded people.

  • On completing a test period, you receive the capital of the company for management.

  • Opportunity to test and implement your trading ideas.

How to become a part of the team?

  • 1. Application – Register and go through an interview. Everyone can try to start a day trader’s career.
  • 2. Training – Go through each stage of the training and prepare for the control test.
  • 3. Control test – Test to check lessons learned.
  • 4. Capital – Pass the interview and the test period, and then get the capital of the company for management.

    The amount of the capital is set in accordance with the level of your knowledge and skills.